Multiple Service Delivery

Ecocleen are experienced in taking a holistic approach to turning your workplace into a presentable, professional and impressive area. Imagine, one supplier who covers all your cleaning and service requirements. How refreshing! In addition to our commercial and specialist cleaning services we can offer;

Water Management

We strongly recommend use of a water management solution. With advancements in cleaning solutions you can significantly reduce the water required to flush a toilet during the course of a day without impacting hygiene standards.

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Waste and recycling

We can provide solutions to the removal of office waste including confidential shredding, normal office paper waste, bottles, cans, plastic, phones, ink cartridges, batteries etc. We are also able to organise skips and compactors if required.

Washroom Services

Maintaining the right environment within your toilets and washrooms is a key to happy employees, visitors and customers. These services are complimentary to the core service of cleaning. We can provide a range of services, at affordable prices along with all consumables.

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