Our goal is to create a clean, hygienic and safe environment for you, 

your colleagues, employees and your clients. We can be the first and last stop for 

managing your entire workspace needs, no matter what the industry or sector.

Commercial Cleaning


National Cleaning


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Ecocleen offer commercial cleaning solutions based on bio-technology and rigorously trained cleaners who are extremely effective in preventing cross-infection in workplaces such as yours.

The thorough cleaning methods utilised by Ecocleen are designed to keep nasty viruses, day to day grime and dust firmly under control.

Our customer-centred services will allow you to enjoy fresher, cleaner and most importantly safer offices. Better still we can help you to reduce staff absence due to sickness through airborne germs and effectively minimalize your costs. We provide long term and one-off services, both of which could make a significant difference to your business.

"B Braun are a reputable global company who provide renal services to patients in Taunton 18hrs a day/6 days a wk/52 wks of the yr. We invest as much trust in our working partnerships as we do in our products & services around the world. Ecocleen are not the 1st cleaning company we have contracted in Taunton to uphold our very high standard of hygiene therefore I consider I am in a position to rate their capability, reliability, standard of workmanship & overall attention to client satisfaction who show an active interest in upholding B Braun & CQC audit criteria. The management and approach from Ecocleen is second to none. At last we have found a company worthy of calling a cleaning company"

- Sarah Burbeary, B Braun

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