At Ecocleen we understand just how important a clean school is to you, your pupils, teachers, parents and Ofsted. Afterall, a clean and hygienic school creates the right environment for enjoyable learning. We use innovative alternatives that are safe to humans and the environment; we deliver your required standard without the use of chemicals so there are no safeguarding issues. Give your school a way to measure cleanliness, protect student and staff health and improve academic performance.

Speak to one of our friendly team on 0800 852 7807 for a no obligation chat.

Completely Transparent TUPE process including Local Authority Pensions

All Ecocleen Staff are enhanced DBS Checked & wear I.D Cards

Monthly Audits, High Cleaning Standards & Infection Control

All Chemicals used are 100% safe to humans and the earth!

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working with schools and what they say about us...


"The Regional Director regularly monitors progress and we receive detailed reports from him."

“The service we receive from Ecocleen at the school really is ‘second to none’. The cleaners are always on time and well presented. The staff comment on the excellent cleaning standards and we are very happy. The Regional Director regularly monitors progress and we receive detailed reports from him. I would gladly recommend Ecocleen to any other Educational establishment who need a reliable and professional service.”

- AJ, Business Manager, Schools and Sports College

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We love working with new customers and taking on new challenges, but as with any relationship is must be right for everyone involved.

Our proven 6 step road map will guarantee that....

• You make the right decision to change, or not.

• Any change will be simple and hassle free.

You will get the best service and standards.

The first step is really easy, a chat with one of our friendly team on 0800 852 7807.


We like to have a walk around your site(s) and make notes and take a few pictures. This simply helps us build a clearer understanding of any issues, what you need and check out the layout of your premises.


If you invite us back we will present our thoughts and findings. If you allow 30-60 minutes or so to make sure nothing is missed and we can answer any further questions you may have.


This isn't anything for you to worry about, but just so you know, we will be putting the following in place. Training & Induction, Shiny New Supplies and a Full Site Audit.


We will give you some initial feedback at the end of our meeting. We can certainly let you know if we can help you......And by then you will have a better feel if we are a company that you can work with. At this stage we either agree that there is no benefit moving forward for both parties or we agree to getting into the next steps.


If decide to accept our proposal then it is GREEN for GO! This is when we start planning ahead for the lead up to Go Live - just sit back and leave it to us. This includes TUPEE of Staff and Local Authority Pensions.


On day 1 of the clean you will find your local Area Manager on-site making sure we start on the right footing. Thereafter, regular site Audits will keep a focus on standards.


What is the cost of student & teacher absences?

By using innovative alternatives that are safe to humans and the environment you can still maintain the highest level of Infection Control.

When children receive low grades it not only affects their chances of further education or obtaining work later on but it also ends up costing the school money...


"I would not hesitate to recommend Ecocleen"

We have been very pleased with the way Ecocleen has taken on the challenge of cleaning at Gillotts School; we were looking for a company that could provide us with a value for money service and whilst Ecocleen were not the cheapest tender, their pricing was realistic and their proposals met our requirements. Prior to the contract start, they handled the TUPE process professionally and diligently and started cleaning on site some 9 months ago. There have been teething problems as you might expect with any new contractor but Ecocleen are completely customer focussed and have sorted issues very quickly after they have been raised. It cannot be easy cleaning a school that has over 1000 people on site every day but our staff regularly comment on how much better the cleaning standards are since Ecocleen started and the complaints I have to deal with are so few, I spend very little time dealing with such issues. If you are considering the appointment of a cleaning contractor, I would not hesitate to recommend Ecocleen.

- Glynis Smith, Business Manager Gillotts Academy

"All your products are 100% chemical free and therefore completely safe to use around the children"

“We had used LEA cleaners for around 15 years but we had been unhappy with the cleaning standards for a very long time. Despite bringing this to the attention of the Local Authority and them making a number of promises, we didn’t see a significant improvement. Eventually we decided to “bite the bullet” and invite independent commercial cleaners to Tender. Ecocleen was the company that stood out. We were particularly impressed by the fact that all your products are 100% chemical free and therefore completely safe to use around the children. This was clearly demonstrated by the Regional Director of Ecocleen gulping down a capful of the product, something that we don’t particularly ever want to witness again! We look forward to many more years of working with Ecocleen.”

- GP, Admin Officer, Primary School