Companies are being strongly encouraged to “go green,” by looking at their sustainability roadmap or seriously focusing on their environmental stance. Whilst “going green” protects the environment, it can be exceptionally good for your company in a number of positive ways-as well as helping your business gain serious kudos!

It’s quite possible that your green initiative will attract customers who want to engage with companies that respect the environment. In addition, there is the downstream benefit of saving on the utilities bills and reducing waste, as well as making the work environment healthier. It’s widely acknowledged that employees like working for companies that consider the environment, so morale and staff retention could improve. Plus your company could be eligible for tax credits; perhaps in the form of reductions on the Climate Change Levy or saving money by using low emission vehicles (a good Tax Advisor can outline these benefits).

You’ve got a Reputation

Green companies win positive reputations and reputation is key to having a successful company. Reputations can be gained by all manner of things such as the quality of your product, positive customer interactions, living up to your values, staff quality and how honest your company is perceived to be etc. Going green is a great way to improve your company’s reputation; think what a green aware company says to you. Going green shows you care, it says “my business isn’t thinking just about the pounds today, we are thinking long term.” Your company is proving that they are not just in it for themselves. So that selfless view gives a strong ethical message to customers, we are an honest business and we want to see our community thrive.

Green = Good

Green isn’t a trend; it’s here to stay, so it makes long term business sense. You’ll gain customers who may have previously gone elsewhere. Who doesn’t like the warm feeling of doing the right thing? If a customer can buy from someone who makes them feel good as well as protect the environment – what’s not to like?

Once businesses start implementing a green program, it becomes a passion. Individuals and businesses find ways to improve efforts like recycling, reductions in energy use and emissions. When entities get involved in going green, they inevitably wonder what took so long! Start the process now; after all it’s the right thing to do and who wants to miss out on the Green Advantage?

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