It is an honour and I am delighted to have been appointment Managing Director of Ecocleen Services in January this year. Ecocleen has been trading since 1990 and has provided an excellent service to our clients and the company has created the opportunity of business ownership, through franchising, and employment, through our teams of operatives and management, across the UK for almost 3 decades.

I truly believe in the value we offer to our clients, staff and franchisees. We are unique in the way we deliver a vested interest service delivery solution to our clients and a caring supportive culture to the staff. We had a fantastic year in 2016, growing the business by 35% and taking on 2 new Franchisees. Now that the company is pushing new boundaries, it required new energy, vision and strategy to drive the business to its full potential.

There is a clear focus in the business, delivering excellence to its customers through innovation and strong relationships, delivering value to its Franchisees, and driving a culture of support, training, innovative thinking, staff recognition and rewards.

I have a clear philosophy of including and involving our Franchisees in key decision making policies that will unite our Management Team and the Network by working within a framework and shared goals. This past past month has been a theme of “Creating an appetite and discussion for change” by involving our Franchisees and involving our Management Team at Head Office Support Team (HOST), so that we are are unified and synced for our 2017 vision and the years to come.

This has set the tone for a needed review of our systems, our strategic partners, our HOST structure and the business as a whole.

I am pleased that there is already development in our focus on Staff Training and Recognition program, our appetite to review and select the correct systems, a shared value of standardising our suppliers of products and equipment, an overhaul of our finance department and procedures and a clear focus on our commercial marketing.

From all the Team at HOST and on behalf of Ecocleen Services, I wish everyone the best for 2017.

Yours truly,

Jean-Henri Beukes

Managing Director