When did you last say "thank you" to your cleaners?

I know for many of us the Cleaners are the magical and mysterious people that we never see from day to day; we leave our place of work and return to find our bin emptied, desk wiped clean, cups in the dishwasher, toilets cleaned etc... Well, I hope you do? :-)

For many workplaces the cleaning is the UNSEEN and potentially FORGOTTEN service, particularly when everything runs smoothly.

After all, with more pressure on our time the LAST THING we want is to worry about complaints and problems related to the cleaning?

Great Staff can be hard to find...

It is the best cleaners that normally get forgotten because everything runs smoothly. And, because everything runs well, the cleaning (nor the cleaners) NEVER enter into our thinking. We start taking the staff for granted and that can have big consequences!!

SO have you ever spared a thought for the cleaners in your work place; the people that work in your premises when everyone else has gone home? Like so many people in business I have worked late and it can be quite spooky and lonely, so personally I would hate to do it every day!

Whether the cleaning staff are your own employed staff or employed by your cleaning contractor simply showing some appreciation or recognising good work will go a long way. Even if you don't see your cleaners why not leave them a little note of thanks - you might be amazed at what a positive effect it has?

As a Cleaning Contractor employing hundreds of cleaning Operatives across the UK we know and understand staff motivation is a key part of our responsibility. We strive to motivate our staff on a daily basis but INTERESTINGLY we see even greater service delivery where our customers take the time to give them personal recognition and appreciation - it's like the ultimate ACCOLADE to them.

Go on, ask yourself, do your cleaners deserve a "thank you"? Or maybe other members of your team?

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