One of the many phrases you will hear in early January is “out with the old and in with the new”. In early January, the decision was made to change operational systems. As our business develops and our Franchisees grow we need a system which will give us the flexibility and visibility we need as we audit more sites and take on more staff. Our operational systems manage everything from storing client information, to auditing, to taking on new staff, to time and attendance, to payroll.

Over the past year, we have created robust processes that drive our business. At the end of 2016 we had a much slicker process of “onboarding” new staff members than at the start of the year. However, this had created an almost unmanageable workload for the Head Office Support Team. From receiving the application, it would on average take 45 minutes to process each new employee.

The process included checking right to work in the UK, setting the employee up on our Time and Attendance system and running a DBS check. On average, we would receive 6 new employees a day which meant that 4 and a half hours of someone’s time was taken up. Surely there had to be a more time efficient, smarter way. We quickly realised that although there was nothing wrong with the process it was built to cater to the shortcomings of the systems we were using.

We had to identify a system which would decentralise a lot of the process. We believe the Franchisee, or their account managers, are the best people to manage their own staff and their own clients. As a Franchisor, we want visibility across the whole network but at the same time we want to give each region the ability and accountability to manage their own staff and sites. We should be supporting Franchisees in other, more technical areas, but a lot of time is spent processing data and duplicating work.

A new system has been identified and it covers everything we have as well as exciting new functions such as staff rostering and workflow management. Using a mobile app managers will now be able to send schedules to their staff. It looks better, works better and is cloud based which means anyone can access it anywhere. The next 6 months will be an exciting period for the network as our processes become slicker and quicker supported a smarter system.

Written by Tom Chappell – Head Office Support Team