Blue Planet 2: Save the Sea

Blue planet 2 never fails to stun audiences with its amazing footage of never-before-seen creatures of the deep, transforming fish and rubber ducks.

However, the David Attenborough series isn’t always light-hearted. Last week’s episode left many viewers in tears after shocking scenes of a Mother Whale carrying around her dead new born Calf. Attenborough explained how the mother’s milk had become contaminated by toxic water due to plastic pollution and how these species mourn their dead and it affects the whole family. It was a heart-breaking scene to see a mother unable to let go of her baby and it touched a huge amount of people who watched.

According to David Attenborough, “Humans dump around 8 million tonnes of plastic in the ocean every year”. As a result, it is killing our sea culture, fish and birds. Other scenes were shown of sea turtles tangled in discarded plastic floating in the sea.

The scenes shown in this episode led viewers questioning the impact human waste is having on the environment and the animals that live here. Shortly after, many took to twitter to express their disappointment in humanity. One viewer said, “We have to do something about plastic we need a plastic revolution”. Another viewer said “The baby whale and its mum are too much! I’m never buying plastic again”.

It is very hard for consumers to be completely plastic free as the majority of products in supermarkets are packaged in plastic. It’s almost impossible to stay away from it.

The government has indicated that a takeaway box tax will be considered to help tackle the issue of plastic waste. This means plastic packaging; polystyrene takeaway boxes and other plastics could be taxed to tackle waste. As a result, there will be a decrease in pollution and a better chance of survival for all wild life creatures.

In further attempts to save sea life, Blue planet has issued an article explaining different things we can do to help preserve the sea. The first piece advice they suggest is a 2-minute beach clean. This suggestion is better for those who live by the sea, but you simply just have to spend two minutes doing a litter pick down on the beach.

The next tip Is eating sustainably caught fish, which ensures wildlife and habitats aren’t affected by fishing.

Fortunately, BBC Earth tweeted saying “The Blueplanet2 team collected every piece of plastic they came across while filming”.

Here at Ecocleen we use Eco-friendly solutions and products, we are always finding new ways to be more sustainable. Watching Blue Planet has inspired us to think more about plastic and we have made a pledge to ensure our offices no longer use plastic cups at the water dispensers but instead either bio-degradable cups or reusable glasses. We also encourage our customers to do the same!

If you have made a change to your home or business in order to help reduce the dumping of plastic in our oceans then let us know. Email us at