We were having a team meeting the other day and one of the team questioned the value of offering customers a "free"Cleaning Audit?

The Audit is not actually "free" as we need 30-45 minutes with the "customer" and then a good few hours for us to produce the Report. In time alone it is worth a few hundred pounds!!

As experts in Cleaning we want to help others improve the standards and processes related to cleaning, and our Audit offers a site inspection to measure the effectiveness and legal compliance of your cleaning service; a cleaning "health check" might be a better way to describe it.

Naturally we are looking at the overall level of cleanliness, HOWEVER the real essence of the audit is looking at the aspects of the clean that are not always clear to see - it is a bit like a cleaning service Xray - we like to look right inside the cleaning to check the real vital signs are strong and well founded.

And the result is that we will make sure that there are no glaring cracks in the service delivery, no legal compliance gaps to get you into trouble and hopefully give you some comfort that you are getting what you are paying for.

On paper (and in reality) the Audit can deliver massive value to the people who are responsible for the cleaning in their organisation, so how could someone question the value?

After talking it through with the team it became clear that some people in our business had misunderstood the purpose of the Audit process and started to change it to make it simpler and easier to complete. And, in the process we have removed much of the VALUE that a formal Audit was designed to offer.

While I am big on finding better, cheaper and faster ways to do things but in this instance they had forgotten the first word "better". The team had found a faster and cheaper way of doings but the result was a POOR relation to its original form and the new version was delivering little value to the end user.

The learning for me here is what I thought was OBVIOUS to everyone was actually not that OBVIOUS to the team nor to the "customer". The person who questioned the value was absolutely correct - the newly "devised" Cleaning Audit held very little value (if any) and people were losing faith.

I have been in the industry for over 15 years and therefore the OBVIOUS to me is very different to others who have joined the business in more recent times. I was taking things for granted.........

Hopefully you are not like me and everything is in good order but do stop and think, are you sure you have not taken your eye off something OBVIOUS and you are not taking things for granted?

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